The core of aromatherapy. Our Pure Organic Essential Oils collection is here to calm the mind, bring joy to the spirit, and connect the soul. Use inside diffusers, oil burners or blended in carrier oils. Discover blends, sensations, emotions, and explore beyond the possibilities.

The Sweet Orange Essential Oil helps remind you of happy memories and positive thoughts. It is the perfect integrant in aromatherapy treatments to spark cheerful, relaxed feelings to uplift the mood. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates the mind and body while inspiring a sense of peace, making it perfect to use throughout a workout, class or workday to maintain an energized and uplifted attitude.
The Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil has been traditionally been used to relieve muscular aches and pains. It can help to reduce inflammation and swelling, something which athletes and sports enthusiasts are particularly fond of.
The Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil is a powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-viral agent. It may help strengthen your immune system or help in the treatment of skin issues. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
Lemongrass is a cheerful bright, fresh, grassy-lemon citrus essential oil with delicate earthy undertones. It could be of great help as an analgesic, mood booster, natural deodorant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, sedative and many more.
The Grapefruit Essential Oil is refreshing, cheering, slightly euphoria-inducing & slightly energising. It has been noted as a great help in cases of depression, treating people in both psychological and emotional levels. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Australian Rosalina is a great Essential Oil to assist in alleviating physical and emotional distress, making it a great companion on your wellbeing and self-care journey. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Organic Lime Essential Oil is one of the most loved oils because of its fresh versatility. From being used as a disinfectant to incorporated in cold-relieving remedies. Lime is a natural mood booster, effective in increasing energy levels. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Blood Orange Essential Oil is a brightly coloured hybrid between pomelo and tangerine. Its aroma lies a little more on the sour side, yet remaining fresh and citrusy. It is also well-liked for its anxiety and stress-reducing abilities, especially by women during labour.
This delicious minty-fresh Spearmint Essential Oil is an all-rounder due to its antiseptic, energetic, restorative and mood-boosting benefits for the mind and body. Spearmint allows a faster healing process for wounds and small cuts.


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