About Us

We live in a constantly nurturing environment to promote the right balance of our body, mind and spirit within our fast pace lives.

Oleu Life was born out of the desire to achieve this on-going journey to find our personal wellbeing. What started as a personal passion for the power on nature’s medicine, has now grown into a lifestyle that helps transform people's life through the use of essential oils on a daily basis.

Rafa and I decided to take this journey together based on our own past experiences. He is an Industrial Engineer and an Entrepreneur. I, in the other hand have worked in the Advertising industry for almost a decade.

We have both been quite successful in our professional careers, but were struggling to find an overall balance in our lives and wellbeing. The truth is, the stress and fast pace living of the corporate world was not allowing us to take the time to be mindful of our inner selves and pay attention to all of the signs (physical, emotional or mental) our bodies have been trying to make us aware of.

We’ve noticed through time, that our constantly stressful lives have had a profound impact on our overall health and wellness. From sleep deprivation, to low energy, to digestive issues.

Each started to progressively appear and we couldn’t pinpoint what was causing all of these issues. Every day was starting to feel as a struggle, and to honest, we were both exhausted.

Whilst we figured out what was causing all these negative changes in our bodies, we realised there was a need to change, a real lifestyle change. We commenced by reading, studying, understanding and being involved with different movements and communities that have embraced natural approaches in life.  All to understand that, the solution we were seeking for healing and wellness will come through the use of pure and potent natural ingredients.

The use of essential oils is one of the components that have helped us in this personal journey, and now we want to share our experience and knowledge with you in the form of three daily essential mists that can easily be incorporated to your lifestyle.

Our Oleu Life Daily Essential mists are the result of this journey. A compound of pure plant preparations, for each time of the day, to care for your wellbeing, delight your senses and enhance your mood?  These proprietary essential oil mist blends will assist you to shift your mindset and nurture from the delicate balance of its therapeutic benefits.

We assist people in making better choices in life. More informed choices that help inspire individuals to achieve wellness and vitality through nature’s therapeutic benefits. To have a more profound impact on their health and wellness through the use of essential oils.

We are an Australian business that is committed to provide pure, naturally powerful products for an everyday lifestyle.

The Oleu Life Founders
Rafa and Mayte
Contact us:
38 Chelmsford st, Newtown, 2042