Aromatherapy skincare that fuses the benefits of essential oils and natural ingredients for nourished, hydrated and plump skin. Use aromatherapy skincare for dryness, stretch marks, a boost of energy, and as a mood enhancer.

The Mental Clarity roll-on natural perfume has a vibrant aroma to help you ease your mind and thoughts throughout the day. Helping the body and mind to de-stress on those days where it's needed.
She is you roll on natural perfume will bring out that fierce, confident and passionate woman you have inside with this musky and flower scent. Connect with your inner self, your emotional intelligence and womanhood.
The Summer Blossom roll-on natural perfume has a sweet, vibrant, floral scent that invokes happy summer days and the pleasant feeling of joyfulness. A language of love through delicate aromas to uplift your spirit and warm your hearts.
Wake me up buttercup! Wake Me Up is a refreshing and invigorating body oil to wake up your senses with a burst of hydrating natural ingredients and vibrating aromas.
The Deep in the forest roll-on natural perfume gives the feeling of connection with nature is inevitable. A perfect deep aroma to quiet the mind and find balance.
Our Organic Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser is a delightful, natural way to protect yourself from bacteria. It has been designed specifically to be easily carried and accessible as you go about your day; ready to act when you most need it.
Its name speaks for itself. The Treat Yourself Massage Oil was thought as nourishing self care moment meant to give you and your skin a little extra love.
Active Release roll-on natural Perfume mixes earthy and herbal tones, with a layer of warm cinnamon spice to deepen the aroma. It intends to warm up the spirit by helping you let go of stresses or concerns.
Focus Driver reminds you to live in the moment while helping to enhance your memory so that the adventures of the present stay in your mind in the future.
Yoga Shanti Massage Oil welcomes peaceful and serene feelings into your daily practices of mindfulness. Use before meditation for an enhanced aromatic experience, or after your shower body care routine to lock in moisture.
Your skin is always deserving of hydrating, nourishing and naturally glowing ingredients. Our Natural Feeling Body Oil was made to be your body care companion; especially during the coldest months of the year.
Specially crafted bundle for Stretch marks and Elasticity from our Mums & Bubs range of natural skincare meticulously formulated to protect and gently care for all mum’s skin when needed the most. The perfect duo of Belly Oil and Belly Butter for rich and supple skin. Wholesale supplier of Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle.
$ 80.00 AUD

Energising Gift Pack

Our Energising Gift pack is the perfect uplifting bundle gift to energise the days of someone you care about with the benefits of aromatherapy! A great cheer up gift to lift anyone's mood and burst the days with citrus fresh notes. Wholesale supplier of Energising Gift Pack.
$ 42.00 AUD

Belly Oil

For Stretch marks and Elasticity - Our lush and powerful blend of botanicals, essential fatty acids and omegas to help boost your collagen and the prevention of stretch marks on your skin, whilst it stretches during pregnancy and after. Wholesale Supplier of Belly Oil.
$ 43.00 AUD

Belly Butter

A nurturing and rich concentrated whipped butter blend for Stretch marks and Elasticity, specially designed for mums and mums to be, to help boost your collagen and assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks on your skin during, pregnancy and after. Wholesale Supplier of Belly Butter.
$ 60.00 AUD

Deep Dreaming Kit

This special collaboration of Sydney based brands, between OLEU LIFE & Yogitown, will help to make you have some sweet deep dreams with a sleep kit of Lavender eye pillow and Lavender pure essential oil. Wholesale supplier of Deep Dreaming Kit.