Gift packs and bundles made with love, keeping wellness in mind. Share the goodness for aromatherapy, and help spread moments of self-care and mindfulness with your others.

Natural mood-enhancers with calming yet energising effects and joy-bursting aromas. Citrus essential oils will bring good vibes and freshness into your home. and your senses.
Fill your space with joy, calming and relaxing feelings with Floral Essential Oils. They are loved for their abilities to promote positive thoughts, slow us down and remind us to stop and take deep breathes.
Help you feel as grounded and connected to the earth as the thriving and lively trees that bring our planet so much life. Being in tune with nature is one of the best ways of remaining in a constant state of calmness and peace, so you can be certain they will be of great help.
Specially crafted bundle for Stretch marks and Elasticity from our Mums & Bubs range of natural skincare meticulously formulated to protect and gently care for all mum’s skin when needed the most. The perfect duo of Belly Oil and Belly Butter for rich and supple skin. Wholesale supplier of Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle.
$ 80.00 AUD

Relaxation Gift Pack

Oleu Life - Boutique Store Sydney. Buy the best seller gift packs to share the love for self-care with relaxing and mindful aromas. Blended with carrier oils and floral waters to bring a feeling of calmness in daily routines. Wholesale supplier of Relaxation Gift Pack.
$ 80.00 AUD

Energising Gift Pack

Our Energising Gift pack is the perfect uplifting bundle gift to energise the days of someone you care about with the benefits of aromatherapy! A great cheer up gift to lift anyone's mood and burst the days with citrus fresh notes. Wholesale supplier of Energising Gift Pack.
From $ 10.00 AUD

Gift Cards

Because we all want to share the love and help create moments of balance and wellbeing in our lives. Here's a special way to extend the love mindfully with our special GIFT CARD options.
$ 20.00 AUD $ 15.00 AUD

Natural Calico Tote Bag

A unique tote bag designed by OLEU LIFE to take with you anywhere you go. Our calico tote bag is handmade with eco-friendly screen printing inks and natural fibres, to sustainably support your ethics and values, as well as ours. Wholesale supplier of Natural Calico Tote Bag.
$ 60.00 AUD

Deep Dreaming Kit

This special collaboration of Sydney based brands, between OLEU LIFE & Yogitown, will help to make you have some sweet deep dreams with a sleep kit of Lavender eye pillow and Lavender pure essential oil. Wholesale supplier of Deep Dreaming Kit.
$ 153.00 AUD $ 99.00 AUD

Bedtime Pack

Here is everything you need to relax and surrender to a good bedtime sleep. A selection of aromatherapy products to will help you find serenity within and let go of the busiest days. You get to try a little bit of everything in the range to release and let go. A perfect mindful gift for you or for someone you care for at really good value.
$ 152.00 AUD $ 99.00 AUD

Be Happy Pack

Filled with an uplifting and energising mix of products to burst all the happy vibes! You get to try a little bit of everything in the range and get the good feelings pumping. A perfect mindful gift for you or for someone you care for at really good value.
$ 40.00 AUD

Mixy Matchy Packs

The perfect match, the perfect gifts! Sharing all the love through the benefits of aromatherapy in a bottle. The Care Packs are combinations of a Natural Perfume roll-on that can be used on your pulse points, every day, and make you smell and feel great where ever you are. Paired with its complementary aromatic essential oil to help create and enhance the experience at home.