To promote social wellbeing and environmental consciousness throughout the benefits of ethical, balanced and natural ways of living.

Rebalancing Body Mists Collection

Crafted for those who seek easy-to-use essential oil products that can be brought along and used whenever the body claims a reset throughout the day. 

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100% Pure Essential Oils

A selected range of different essential oils to be used in your daily life. Pure and natural aromas with potent therapeutical benefits from nature. 

Our range

Natural Perfumes Roll-ons

A range of easy-to-use natural perfume roll-ons for your everyday needs. An Aroma for every occasion. 

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Miron violet glass - Our Packaging Commitment

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Aromatherapy for Stress - A Daily Routine

Aromatherapy for Stress - A Daily Routine

Whether you live in a relaxing beach town or a city that never sleeps, whether you study, work or care for others, today’s fast-paced living keeps...
Essential Oil Mists

Our minimal packaging philosophy

We wanted to make our brand inspiring and approachable, without being flashy and with unnecessary packaging extravaganza...

Miron Violet Glass - High quality packaging commitment

Miron Violet Glass - High quality packaging commitment

Miron violet glass existence can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Who used violet or gold jars in order to preserve and prote...

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