Why Choose Australian Organic Essential Oils?

Why Choose Australian Organic Essential Oils?

At OLEU LIFE, living healthy and environmentally-conscious lives is at the core of our objectives. On our way towards our goal, leaning on organic growing and harvesting methods, organic and ethically-sourced ways of production is an essential part of our journey, one which we are excited to expand much further in the future.  

We have a vibrant collection of 18 different Organic Pure Essential Oils with the power to enhance your wellbeing and health through their abundant aromatherapy benefits. In this blog, we look deeper at why you may want to opt for organic essential oils, and the main differences between those not labelled as organic. 

What does ‘organic’ mean?

In the world of cosmetics and health, the definition of ‘organic’ is quite fluid, which can in turn, create quite some confusion for consumers. For this reason, we want to clarify what we mean by ‘organic’ in our Organic Pure Essential Oils is all about the production method. 

By this, we mean that the plants that are used to extract the oils from have been grown following the appropriate measures to preserve the health and fertility of the soil; largely accomplished by not using toxic pesticides, herbicides or other forms of harmful fertilisers. Inside our products, we do not use ingredients like parabens or additives, and keep synthetic preservatives to a minimum. To read more about our use of natural and synthetic preservatives, read our blog here

Why choose organic essential oils?

There are two main reasons why you may want to choose organic essential oils. However, we do want to stress that this is purely a personal choice!

Reducing health risk: If you are particularly concerned about chemicals, toxins and lowering your health risk, using essential oils with no indicators of harmful chemical residue might be something less to worry about. 

Lowering environmental impact: As organic products do not use detrimental chemicals and toxic materials in their production process, choosing organic essential oils can be worthwhile in pursuing a lifestyle with minimal environmental impact. 

Tip: Whenever finishing up a product, whether it’s a bottle of pure essential oil or body oil, there is always a way to recycle it or find it a second life!




How To Use Organic Essential Oils?

Here are some tips on how to use essential oils safely and make sure you are fully benefiting from their properties:

  • Never ingest essential oils. 
  • When used topically, always blend with a carrier oil such as:
    • Jojoba oil
    • Camellia oil
    • Argan oil
    • Almond oil
    • Hemp oil
    • Coconut oil
  • Avoid using photosensitive essential oils topically during the day. 
  • Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets.



Despite essential oils being made from natural ingredients, it is very important to remember that the improper use of essential oils can provoke toxic effects in the body, whether they are labelled as organic or not. 

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