How to improve memory with essential oils

How to improve memory with essential oils

We all have that one friend at trivia who knows every answer to every question. The friend who can recall the year the Olympics were held in Montreal or list in alphabetical order all 50 states of America. We all want to be that friend, the one with the outstanding memory.

Since Shakespearian times, Essential oils have been used as memory boosters by stimulating the brain and nervous system. Memory helps our learning, but also can foster our imagination. Using Aromatherapy for mental clarity and to drive focus will enable your brain to improve its memory function, to recall information more efficiently during the study. Shakespeare’s Ophelia herself spoke of the cognitive powers of rosemary, ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.' Such specific aromas are uplifting and can help the mind to refocus and counteract mental fatigue. Along with Rosemary, here are the oils we recommend using to improve memory recall and study…

Rosemary Oil – For Remembrance

Not only can Ophelia attest to rosemary and its impact on the memory, but also many studies conducted prove this fact. This study looked into the correlation between the compound present in rosemary, 1,8-Cineole, and cognitive performance. They found that when rosemary is inhaled it absorbs into the bloodstream and can affect neuronal function and improve long-term memory. To maximize the botanical benefits, diffuse 4-5 drops of rosemary during study to drive your focus. Repeat this practice each time you are studying to develop an association with the content you are learning and the scent. Then keep the scent nearby or diffuse before an exam to help in the recall of information.

Frankincense oil – To Re-centre Your Mind

According to this study, Frankincense - from the species of the Boswelliagenus - has the potential to improve spatial memory retention. This is because Frankincense is high in sesquiterpenes, a compound that oxygenates the brain and can boost mood. Our Focus Driver roll-on contains this key oil, and can be used either topically as a perfume or by inhaling methods. Simply breathe in the aromas during study to re-centre your mind and assist in learning information more efficiently. This roll-on also contains Rosemary for maximum study results. Alternatively, diffuse 5 drops of frankincense oil when you have hit a wall in your study and need a little help to boost your motivation and understand the content you are reading.

Peppermint oil – For Attention to Detail

In addition to the sedating effects of peppermint’s aroma, the oil has been proven to enhance visual attention, alertness and significantly improve the quality of memory.  Diffuse 3-4 drops of peppermint oil during the day to drive focus at work or sip on a peppermint tea while studying to better absorb the information you read.

Lavender oil – To Clear Stress & Make room for Memory

One of the biggest obstacles to study is stress. When exam period arrives, or it's time for a big oral presentation, we can often experience memory loss due to overwhelming pressures. In a recent medical study conducted in Oregon, it was demonstrated that lavender oil could significantly improve memory in stressful situations. It was proven that ‘Pharmacologic effects of lavender but not placebo aromas significantly benefited post-stress performance on the working memory task’. Diffuse 5-7 drops of lavender oil before bed on days before stressful events to combat the loss of memory under pressure. Or use it topically, such as by using our Mental Clarity Roll-on during exams and study. This product also contains Frankincense and lemon myrtle, a boutique blend to uplift you from stress and support you in completing tasks successfully.

Oleu Life Essential Oils for memory

Memory shapes our past and helps us to understand the present. Without memory, we would be lost in our own suburb and incapable of learning new ideas. We must take care of this function of the brain by training our memory to recall information. Essential Oils are a natural way to improve memory, with aromas for stimulation, motivation and remembrance. Begin using memory-boosting oils in your study practice and before you know it, you will be the next trivia star.

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by Andelain Newman

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