The Truth about Acne Stress - and how to treat it naturally

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Some people call it acne stress, and other stress acne. At the end of the day, the order in which they come doesn’t really matter...simply put, stress and acne are probably the best combination for disaster. You already know how it goes - you get stressed, so you get a pimple. You get stressed from getting a pimple, and you get even more pimples. Then you get even more stressed out, and well... you can imagine the terrible downwards spiral of stress pimples. It almost seems like you’ll never really know whether it’s the pimples that come first, or the stress. 

The answer to that, sadly, is not quite straight forward. However, it is indeed a researched fact that one of the main causes for acne is stress. Even though it may not be the only cause for pimples, stress can also worsen breakouts or enlarge previous pimples you have. 

If you are one to constantly ask how does stress cause acne, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will learn how acne stress mechanism works, but you’ll also learn about some great  stress relief activities that will help you figure out personalised ways of how to get rid of stress pimples.

How can stress cause acne?

Well, first off, you must know that stress does not cause acne per say. On the other hand, stress does have a strong influence on worsening pimples, especially if you have acne-prone skin. Most commonly, these are known as stress pimples. 

The simple answer as to what causes pimples when you’re under stress is hormones. Whenever your body shows stress symptoms, hormones like cortisol are automatically released - which unfortunately also triggers glands that produce sebum and make your skin oily. For most people, the stress pimple area concentrate around the parts of the face where we get most oily - on the T-zone, forehead, chin, and jawline.

As a result, you may experience stress breakouts in particular areas of your face. A lot of the time, adults that thought were way past the dreadful acne years are often surprised by random breakouts or a sudden acne flare up. Well, it’s no secret that the responsibilities, work and stress that come with adult life hit us hard - so you could probably connect the dots and realize what causes adult acne a lot of the time is stress and anxiety.

How to get rid of stress pimples?

Now that you know the potential answer for what causes pimples, you probably want to know how to get rid of them.

The answer is simple. Make your target not to get rid of acne, but to fight acne stress in particular. 

For most people, getting rid of stress pimples is challenging because of its self-perpetuating nature. In other words, acne stress provokes the accentuation of stress pimples, which encourages feeling even more of acne stress, and so on.

That’s why a potenital solution to acne stress is also relatively simple: Indulge in mindfulness and self-care activities.

But before you jump right in and know what these are, take a moment to ask yourself this important question first:

What is your cause of stress?

Think deeply about what is really causing you to stress. Go beyond acne caused by stress. Is it something to do at work? Or maybe an issue with a specific person?

Remember that all of your answers are valid. No matter what the answer to this question is, it is important to remember that one of the best ways to destress is to go to the root of your problems. 

Once you have identified what that is,  you gain a better peace of mind, and will make it a lot more easier to direct your mind, energy and soul into solving the problem later on - after you do some self-care, of course. 

Self-care activities for stress breakouts

Remember that when treating stress acne, you won’t really be targeting pimples. Instead, you’ll want to focus on self-care and relaxation strategy that centers on how to reduce stress and tension. When you are calm and at peace, creating mindful positive connections with yourself encourages your body to naturally heal itself. As a result, it makes it easier for all of the accumulated acne stress to leave faster, so you can achieve clearer skin sooner. 

After you try some of these and hopefully get optimal results, you’ll start believing in the power of personal care, and understand why self-care is so important and a matter that should definitely be taken seriously.

Here are some examples of the best self-care activities to fight stress pimples:

Engage in social encounters with supportive people 

One of the best stress relief activities you can do is to let out some steam with close friends and family. Bottling your problems inside you is actually one of the most common causes of stress, since your whole body becomes overwhelmed by a world of negative emotions. 

Even if going out for a cup of coffee with your peers may not necessarily get rid of your problems, releasing your concerns and worries to a trustworthy network can be very effective if you’re not sure how to reduce stress levels. It will help you catch a breath, encourage you to see the problem with different eyes, and approach it with a much more coherent solution in mind.

Take part in conscious relaxation practices

Nowadays, digital technologies have managed to incorporate themselves into our lives as if they were a part of our own bodies. When needing to relax, many of us assume that the best ways to do so are through watching a movie, or scrolling through social media. However, these are mindless forms of seeking peace and calm - and are actually an unconscious way to cause stress on ourselves. 

If you want to truly experience the benefits of relaxing, make sure that it is done in a mindful and conscious way. Try to shut off the world around you by pausing all you activities, and becoming aware of what is around you. Aromatherapy can be extremely helpful in these circumstances - especially for their rather instantaneous stress reducing effect. 

In general, using any kind of lavender for stress is strongly recommended, but there are plenty other essential oils and blends that can help you create moments of calm such as Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang. There also are many ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils available you can choose that fit your lifestyle and daily routine best.  For example, you can use a relaxing essential oils blend in a diffuser at home, spray a stress relief mist while at work, or use an essential oil stress relief perfume, in preparation to take on any challenges throughout the day. These formats are purposely designed for you to have easy access to peaceful and relaxing moments whenever you need them the most.

Journaling for stress 

As said before, one of the ways in which stress can cause pimples is due to the accumulation and encapsulation of tension inside your body. Therefore, in order to relieve some of the symptoms for stress and anxiety, journaling for stress is one of the most effective self-care activities that you can do.  

Channeling your emotions elsewhere besides your body will be extremely beneficial to help in relieving acne stress, targeting the root of what causes pimples in the first place. For optimal results, try to journal regularly. If you like, you could even incorporate some aromatherapy in the background to help you concentrate. For example, rolling on a focus-driver perfume will help you get in better touch with your emotions, and encourage you to channel them on paper instead. 

Even before you read this post, you probably knew that stress acne is real. However, by now, you have hopefully become more aware of what the root of this issue actually is, and how implementing simple self-care routines and moments for yourself can help you work past it in a productive and successful way. 

Self-care and mindful anti-stress measures can truly have an influence on the way your body looks since they target internal wellbeing first - which eventually gets reflected and translated into how you appear on the outside.

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