Ceramic Essential Oil Burner - Palafito Range

Ceramic Essential Oil Burner - Palafito Range
Ceramic Essential Oil Burner - Palafito Range
Palafito Oil Burner is a handcrafted ceramic burner made with a raw white clay on the outside and glazing on the inside with a bright colour to give it more personality.
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Handcrafted ceramic burner made with raw white clay on the outside and bright colour glazing on the inside.

Enjoy the ritual of diffusing your favourite pure essential oils with the warmth of a candlelight.

Chose the desired Oil Burner colour and essential oil blend to pair with and get the benefits of aromatherapy with non-toxic ingredients, safe for you and your family. 

Our premium collection of oil burners can be used at home, office or as the perfect gift for someone special. They add valuable moments of wellbeing throughout the day.

What's included

- 1x Palafito Oil Burner 

- 1x Essential Oil Blend
      Choose between:
- 1x tea-light candle included 

Caution: Do not leave unattended, nor leave lit overnight. Blow out the candle if not present. Keep out of the reach of children. Make sure to use a tea light that is in accordance with the size of the burner so the fire doesn't touch the ceramic and burns it.


  • Add water and 4-6 drops of essential oils depending on the size of the room and the desired intensity of the aroma. It can be one single oil or mixed different ones to create a blend
  • Light the tea light candle

Cleaning & maintenance

Make sure to clean the inside of the diffuser between each use to avoid the build-up of residue from the essential oils. This will also benefit when changing the oils between usages to not mix the aromas. Wipe off any excess with a dry paper towel so your burner is ready for its next usage.

Product Specifications 

- Product Dimensions: 13cm (h) x 10cm (Ø)

- Water capacity: 60ml (approx.) 

- Materials: ceramic and wood

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