Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle

Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle
Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle
Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle
Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle
Specially crafted bundle for Stretch marks and Elasticity from our Mums & Bubs range of natural skincare meticulously formulated to protect and gently care for all mum’s skin when needed the most. The perfect duo of Belly Oil and Belly Butter for rich and supple skin. Wholesale supplier of Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle.
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A specially crafted bundle of natural skincare for stretch marks and elasticity from OLEU LIFE's Mums & Bubs range. Meticulously formulated to protect and gently care for every mum's skin, helping create natural self-care rituals.

A nurturing and light-weighted Belly Oil with a powerful blend of 100% rich, natural oils like Marula and Rosehip, essential fatty acids and omegas to work deeply in your skin, help with its elasticity and assist in the appearance of stretch marks during the pregnancy period and after. It leaves the skin smooth and velvety, whilst helping to boost its natural collagen and promote its restoration. The formula allows for quick absorption and a non-greasy residue feeling, perfect to use during the day. The delicate notes of Jasmine Absolute and Lavender essential oil help reduce the feelings of anxiety and ease into the day.

Combined with a whipped and concentrated Belly Butter blend to nurture the hard-working skin whilst it stretches. Made with powerful, quick-absorbing, natural active ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Marula oil that add a protective layer of deep nourishment and stimulation of collagen production in the skin to help during pregnancy and replenish it after giving birth. This waterless formulation has a floral and citrus sweet aromatic blend of Jasmine Absolute and Sweet Orange essential oils to delight the senses with its aromatherapy properties.

What’s included



Use Belly Oil during the morning or day. With a circular movement, apply a small amount on the belly, hips, breast, waist or any areas of concern and let absorb for a few minutes. Do not use directly on the breasts whilst breastfeeding. It can be applied to dry or damp skin.

In the evening use a small size of Belly Butter on the belly, hips, breasts or any other area of concern and allow it to sink in for better hydration and restoration of the skin.

Always remember that a little goes a long way, a small quantity can cover a big area. The daily use of these products will help assist better in seeing smoother and more supple skin.

If any adverse skin reactions occur, stop its usage and consult your doctor. These formulations will not avoid the appearance of stretch marks as there can be many factors involved in their appearance.  


Keep away from moisture, sunlight and heat. Do not ingest. Store in a cool, dry area below 25° - exposure to heat and moisture can affect the product and change its properties and texture. In the case of extreme heat, the product will require refrigeration for optional stability - away from the reach of small children. For external use only. Best to avoid using on breast area when breastfeeding. Do not use on infants less than 18 months old. 

It is always recommended to do a patch test on the skin first to make sure there are no allergic relations. In the case of any skin reactions, stop its usage and consult a doctor.

Use within 12 months of open.

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Mum-to-be Natural Skincare Bundle