Mayte Salonia

Woman entrepreneur, Co-Founder of OLEU LIFE.

Passionate about nature, life, laughter and love. Helping others find wellbeing in their lives. 

I have a corporate background on Branding and Advertising but found my real passion in the advocacy of natural living and the promotion of social wellbeing and environmental consciousness through more natural options. Born in Venezuela, proud Australian. 

Mayte Salonia Co-Founder Oleu Life

Rafael Figueroa

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at OLEU LIFE.             

I’m a former industrial engineer and designer with experience in banking software, solar energy, and corporate management. Nowadays I'm focused on the development of sustainable essential oil products and my personal electronic music project @figsfx.

Rafael Figueroa Co-Founder Oleu Life

Maria Indjeian Diaz

Copywriter / Content Creator

I have an academic background in sociology, currently on my way to graduate from my Master's degree in the Netherlands. I stumbled across copywriting by accident in 2016, and has evolved into an incredible career opportunity ever since. Born in Mexico, grew up everywhere.

Maria Oleu Life Team Content creator copywriter

Angelica Silva Rodriguez

Graphic Designer

I have an academic background in graphic design, which has led me to discover the passion for painting and illustration. I enjoy digital work as much as analog work, where I can combine textures and contrasts of shapes to bring any canvas to life. Born in Colombia and currently drawing a path in Australia.

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