It is during this time our body and mind rejuvenates, our muscles repair, our memory consolidates and our hormones regulate. Both the quality and quantity of our sleep are important. When we have sleep deprivation, our body suffers. Our immune system is impacted and there is an increased likelihood of getting sick; having slower recovery and healing time. 

Some common signs of sleep deprivation are:

  • We can start to have a poor memory; difficulty with concentration, learning or solving problems. 
  • Our mood changes have increased irritability or are at risk of an emotional disorder. 
  • It even has an effect on our metabolism, slowing it down and increasing our appetite. Putting you at risk of obesity and diabetes. 

Create a routine, understand what is affecting your sleep and help yourself with the use of essential oils to find that balance to start having the best sleep you can have. 

These are our selection of products to incorporate into your daily sleeping rituals.

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