Warm home, Warm heart

Wrap your mind, body, and soul in warmth and coziness with our August monthly collection. Hand-picked to brighten your days, and mellow your evenings.

Warm home, Warm heart
Wake me up buttercup! Wake Me Up is a refreshing and invigorating body oil to wake up your senses with a burst of hydrating natural ingredients and vibrating aromas.
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Immune Force Essential Oil Pack

The Immune Force Essential Oil Pack helps to protect and strengthen your immune system against cold symptoms. The powerful combination of Blood Orange, Clove and Ginger can help fight off any unwanted guests from your body and home - from airborne bacteria to fungus, to viral infections.
Your skin is always deserving of hydrating, nourishing and naturally glowing ingredients. Our Natural Feeling Body Oil was made to be your body care companion; especially during the coldest months of the year.
Cedarwood has a wide variety of properties that make it great essential oil to keep in your collection. It is most commonly used to achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind in case of anxiety and lack of sleep. Place up to 8 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Organic Clove Essential Oil has a long list of benefits. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are the most popular reason why it is used for. It can be used as a household cleaner for mould.
The Ginger Essential Oil is the warm, spicy goodness your body will thrive in. Its antiseptic properties help strengthen the immune system against sickness, flu symptoms and infections. Place up to 4 drops in the water-filled compartment.
The Blood Orange Essential Oil is a brightly coloured hybrid between pomelo and tangerine. Its aroma lies a little more on the sour side, yet remaining fresh and citrusy. It is also well-liked for its anxiety and stress-reducing abilities, especially by women during labour.