The Australian Essential Oil Guide

The Australian Essential Oil Guide


best australian essential oils



In Australia, we’re lucky to have such a diverse and rich natural environment. For centuries, Australian Aboriginals used aromatic, herbal medicine from over 18000 species of plants to treat serious illnesses and diseases. Today, a branch of natural healing has extended to essential oils, a form of aromatherapy we trust and believe in. 

In this post, you’ll find a complete guide to our range of Australian essential oils. Discover the best essential oils Australia has to offer, how to use them and their benefits.


Lavender / Tasmania

That woody, floral scent could be recognized anywhere.  Our Lavender essential oil comes from the wonderful state of Tasmania and its pristine waters. It’s a classic, must-have essential oil for an incredible range of purposes. The main uses of Lavender oil are to surround your mind, body, and spirit into a relaxing, calm, soothing place. We recommend diffusing it throughout the night to encourage deep sleep and good dreams. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great ones to include in your skincare routine, we recommend blending it with carrier oils like almond, apricot kernel, or jojoba.



Lemon Myrtle / Sub-tropical Queensland

Lemon Myrtle is one of the best native oils in Australia, due to its versatility. Its fresh, citrus scent and antibacterial properties make it a perfect essential oil to include inside homemade nontoxic surface cleaners or room sprays. When diluted well inside a carrier oil, it can help treat oily acne skin. Use inside your diffuser to uplift your mood, calm anxiety, and nerves.

Honey Myrtle / South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania

One of the most unique Australian essential oils is Honey Myrtle. Its antibacterial properties are wonderful for treating a wide range of skin issues from acne to minor wounds - if blended well with a carrier oil, of course. Being antioxidant, it encourages cell regeneration as well. It’s also a great oil to diffuse during flu season for decongesting airways and driving nasty viruses away. Similar to Lemon Myrtle, Honey Myrtle has strong citrus notes but with a soothing touch of honey-like aroma.

Rosalina / Mid-north NSW and Tasmania

Rosalina is an amazing native essential oil that is very unique to Australia, and difficult to find anywhere else. It's a family of the Australian Melaleuca tree, Rosalina is the perfect essential oil for summer - refreshing, lightly floral, and herbaceous scent to put you in a good mood. Blend inside a jojoba oil to make your own Australian massage oil.



Kunzea / New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania

Especially during times like these, Kunzea stands out as one of the best essential oils in Australia. Kunzea acts as a protective shield against seasonal viruses and strengthens your immune system. This native oil from the northeast of Tasmania is a great oil to include in your self-made house cleaners for a purifying burst of antibacterial properties. It’s also known for enhancing cloudy moods during the winter months  - think of it as an Australian version of Frankincense.


Tea Tree / New South Wales, Queensland

Australian Tea Tree oil is known and loved worldwide. This oil is probably the most powerful in terms of antibacterial, antiseptic, and healing properties. It can be used inside hand sanitizer, insect repellant, and surface cleaners, but its most popular uses are to treat skin issues. It’s a handy oil to have in the house as part of your natural first aid kit, for minor scrapes, nail fungus, and other problems with bacteria. Using tea tree oil for acne and pimple treatments is one of its more popular ways of using it; our blog for details!

Eucalyptus / Northern Australia

If Australia smelled like anything, it would be eucalyptus. Eucalyptus isn’t only a plant that our beloved koalas love to feast on - it’s also one of the best essential oils Australia has to offer. Its iconic herbaceous, fresh aroma can uplift your spirit in moments by sending negative thoughts and feelings out the window. It’s a great oil to diffuse during the night to improve your breathing by opening your airways, keep the bugs away, and unwind into a night of good sleep. Australian aboriginals use it for relieving muscle pain by diluting it in a carrier oil, and massaging it deep into the muscle. Circular motions are great for self-massage. 


We’re proud to be one of the Australian essential oil companies that, together with our consumers, continue to pursue better and healthier lifestyles. We encourage using aromatherapy for spiritual development and introspection; we believe that changes on the outside are stronger if they come from the inside. Having access to these incredible Australian essential oils is more than a blessing, but it also comes with responsibility. Let’s not forget that Australia’s natural environment (and the planet’s) cannot go beyond its limits, so it’s up to us to consume ethically, sustainably, and mindfully.


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