How to find the right perfume for me?

How to find the right perfume for me?

Oh baby, your aroma goes under my skin!... That’s true over 60% of what we spray on our skin get absorbed into our bloodstream. Our perfume is literally a part of us. Fragrances should remind us of wonderful events and take us back to our best memories and not to the sober realization of what health restrictions can emanate from them. 

So what is really hiding in your perfume?

Most store-bought perfumes are made with synthetics. That’s what makes them smell lovely but is also bad for your health. Common ingredients that can be found in synthetic fragrance blends are:

  • Parabens- synthetic preservatives, known for disrupting your body’s hormone balance.
  • Phthalates- used as fragrance preservatives, and are found in high concentrations in most commercial perfumes. Phthalates are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.
  • Petrochemicals- compounds derived from petroleum and natural gases. It is highly energy- intensive to produce them, which is bad for the environment. They also trigger allergic reactions like eczema, rashes or asthma.

The problem with most perfumes is that you probably wouldn’t find the ingredients on the label. In order to protect the unique formulations of their scents, the FDA allows perfume companies to withhold fragrance ingredients from consumers. That means that they don’t even have to tell you which harmful substances they mix into their products and through this add into your body.

A common misconception is to use unscented products instead. Some of them are still fragranced products that have added masking fragrance in their formula to make them unscented. That could make them twice as harmful. 

If you are now wondering how should I find the right perfume for me? Don’t worry there are alternatives that you can use, such as natural perfumes.

Why are they better than traditional fragrance?

Natural essential oil perfumes are made without those hidden chemicals we mentioned above. They are safe. You can finally say goodbye to irritable skin, because natural essential oil perfumes are hypoallergenic and kind to your lungs too. They are made with natural ingredients, no petroleum derivatives and and because they are created by blends of pure essential oils, they have aromatherapy benefits. Depending on the essential oil that is used, it can have an effect on your mood and general wellbeing. Peppermint and sandalwood for example can help clear the mind, while lavender can have a calming effect on your body. Last but not least, they smell incredible! Organic perfumes can be worn separately or layered to create different scents and don’t mask the natural smell of your skin. This creates a more personal scent that makes it unique!

Did you know that we have made it our mission to make natural essential oil perfumes ourselves, with no hidden chemicals and wonderful fragrances?

One of them, She is…you has a natural musky scent with floral and deep earthy tones made of Organic Sandalwood, Organic Cape Rose Geranium, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Frankincense, Bergamot & Peru Balsam. Organic Camellia oil, Organic Argan oil & Vitamin E. A lovely combination of aromas to help you enhance your inner confidence. The scent of Organic Cape Rose Geranium, for example, varies from faint sweetness to a strong rosy scent. The plant is originally from South Africa where indigenous people used the leaves to make a paste to treat abscesses and wounds. The plant has the trait to assist in balancing the hormones which has made it common to use as an antidepressant, aid in the relief of PMS symptoms or those related to menopause.

Our Summer Blossom natural essential oil perfume contains neroli essential oil, which is extracted from the bitter orange tree blossoms and is the star of this natural perfume. Its scent is sweet, honeyed and somewhat smoky with green and spicy facets. Neroli itself has a refreshing and distinctly spicy aroma with sweet and flowery notes. The blossoms are gathered by hand in late April to early May. After this, the oil gets extracted by steam distillation. Most of the plants are produced in Tunisia and Morocco and have been extensively used in aromatherapy to help assist with depression and uplift the overall mood. It relaxes both the body and soul. Just right to give you happiness and optimism.

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