Aromatherapy for Stress - A Daily Routine

Oleu LIfe Essential oil mist

Whether you live in a relaxing beach town or a city that never sleeps, whether you study, work or care for others, today’s fast-paced living keeps our schedules chock’ a block’ from Monday to Sunday and leaves little time for simple moments of relaxation.

For those of us who struggle with anxiety, depression or have difficulty with managing stress, it’s these simple moments that can make a world of difference.  The ‘fast relief’ remedies that the cosmetic world promotes are unsustainable both to your wellbeing and to the planet. Packaged in plastic and pumped full of chemicals, these products only pollute our environment and our bodies. By instead choosing aromatherapy brands that source organic ingredients from local Australian farmers and use eco-friendly packaging, you can take care of your emotional wellbeing sustainably.

So without further a due, here are our go-to natural daily routine practices for a strong and happy mind.   

Morning Routine: Wake up Sunshine!

You wake to the sound of your alarm, and are up feeling groggy but dive straight into the day. You get ready, have breakfast, scramble together your things and dash out the door for work…

Now let’s change that routine just a little for a more balanced and harmonious morning. Firstly, set your alarm to read ‘Good morning Sunshine!’ and set the ringtone to a more gradual relaxing sound for a kinder wake up. On your bedside table, within reach, position a bottle of a rebalancing oil mist. For the mornings, essential oils mists are the perfect, easy-to-use and rejuvenating start to the day. Select one containing notes of peppermint, pink grapefruit, tangerine ylang-ylang and rose such as our Energising Body Mist. With the soothing peppermint, the natural antioxidants of the grapefruit and the antidepressant qualities of ylang-ylang combined with the floral scents of rose, this mist will turn you into a ‘morning person’, feeling energised through ‘till lunch.

Mid-Afternoon Routine: Focus Time

At this time of day you may be at work, amidst study or possibly you are at home running around after your energised children, however, you are feeling anything but energised. By now the buzz from your morning coffee has worn off and you are in need of some mid-arvo motivation.

We believe the key to staying motivated is to create the right environment. In the wise words of Marie Kondo “visible mess helps distract us from the true source of the disorder”. In other words, decorate a space that makes you happy. Use playlists to set the musical atmosphere you need to balance your day. And finally, use a rejuvenating scent to set the mood. Try diffusing a combination of oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass to boost your energy and calm any feelings of depression. Rosemary is an essential oil that enhances memory and focus. Eucalyptus also helps focus by clearing your airways and allowing for a better flow of oxygen to the brain. Lemongrass oil is uplifting and can aid with mental fatigue.

Post Work Routine: Social Anxieties

You have completed all the errands and tasks you needed to knock off your to-do-list today. But now you have a social occasion and you are feeling some social anxiety. You might be in need of some inner confidence and oils can help. Try positive affirmation and breathing techniques. Take a moment to focus on your breathing, while reminding yourself that you are here, you are living, you are confident, you are strong, and you are a one of a kind. While you are getting ready and to enhance these affirmations, try diffusing calming oils. Taking a leaf out of the Tibetan Buddhist book, use Cedarwood to strengthen your mind and feel certain in yourself. This powerful ancient oil also offers sedative effects helping your body to calm down and relax. On your way out, apply a natural roll-on perfume to boost you inner confidence, such as our She is…You product. Containing Sandalwood and Peru Balsam this perfume induces a sense of sureness and calms anxious thoughts setting you up for a successful time out. 

Evening Routine: Bedtime

For some, going to sleep provides an escape and can be completely relaxing and simple. But for many others, sleep can be difficult. Without an adequate sleep routine, stresses and anxieties can be heightened throughout the day. Prescribed medication can only work in the short-term and reliance on these chemicals is both expensive and dangerous for your body. Sleep is a practice of both the mind and body, so in order to create a better sleeping pattern you must focus on both aspects of you. For your body, keep physical throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to work or spend 10 minutes before bed stretching or do a restorative yoga practise to release any tensions. Before bed, engage your senses by using lavender oil and prepare your mind to relax. Either diffuse nearby or use a bedtime mist to breathe in the tranquil and calming qualities of lavender. Lavender will also work with your mind to quieten negative thoughts and promote feelings of warmth and comfort.

by Andelain Newman

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